Get prepared for a stunning time!

Pre Tour Day 1 (Wednesday)

Welcome to Hanover


Meet and Greet in the city, where you can learn the cleanest german language like Geh' mal Bier hol'n oder Maschendrahtzaun.

We'll relax on the first evening with a small pub and bar tour with a lot of culture and our friends from Round Table 117.

Let yourself be surprised. 


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Pre Tour Day 2 (Thursday)

History and dutch flair in M√ľnster


You will see one of the oldest cities in germany with one of the largest cathedrals. In the oldtown you can see historic buildings, beautiful parks and bycicles.

At the evening, you will have the chance to visit our table baby Round Table 48.


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Pre Tour Day 3 (Friday)

Chocolate Experience


You dream of a world of chocolate? The PETERS SchokoWelt opens its doors and invites you to enjoy with all your senses.

Immerse yourself in a fantastic world of fantasy and chocolate. With a chocolate concierge companion you embark on a magical, inspiring gourmet journey.


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